Know more about your customers

Pinpoint any problem with your site and create better experience.

Session replay whole users journey through your site.

Session Replays

Find what your users care about and what problems they might have

  • Video-like replay, console logs, network, interactions
  • Very powerful tool for debugging
  • Know your customers journey
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Everything you need to know about your users in one place

  • Unique visitors, average time spent, most visited pages
  • Most popular devices and browsers
  • View by time and any other analytics parameter
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Simple Dashboard

Everything important at one glance with great search capability

  • Sessions, usages, analytics
  • Powerful filtering
  • Modern clean design
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Simple & Powerful

Use simple tools to drastically improve your whole project and user experience

Your data are safe

None of the data are provided to 3rd parties and nothing is kept longer then it really needs to be

Simple Integration

Copy and paste a few lines of code to start tracking your project

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